About us



Welcome to the AUREUS butterflies & insects Shop!


My name is Jens Jakusch and I´m the owner of this internet-shop.

Our shop is made for professional insect collectors, as well as for interested laymen or those who want to be professional insect collectors.

We primarily offer prepared and unprepared butterflies for the interested collector.

You can find an extensive assortment of our butterflies in the section "butterflies". The butterflies are subordinated there in their respective families, so that they can easily find the desired species in the various moth families.

Likewise you will find under the category "insects" various other prepared insects, divided into different subcategories.

The preparations in these two categories are professionally prepared, needled and NOT framed.

If you are interested in unprepared butterflies and other insects, the "unprepared" category is for you. Here you will find our range of unprepared butterflies and other insects.

In the category "decoration" we offer various arrangements of finished or framed insects. Under this heading you will also find empty collection boxes that are ideal for the professional storage of prepared insects.

If you have special questions about our offer, you can send us an email via "contact".

We would like to point out that we do not offer lending mail-order business. In addition, we point out that we have ONLY butterfly / insect preparations in the range.


The Shop

As a customer, you can simply assemble the selected products via the shopping cart. At the end of your selection, send us your order by following the purchase process and clicking "buy". You will be guided "step by step" through the shop automatically to complete the order process successfully.

The minimum order value per order is 15 Euro + shipping costs.

As a payment option, we offer paypal, "Sofort" Transfer (with direct forwarding to your online banking portal) or prepayment transfer (to be carried out by the customer with IBAN).

We do not accept credit cards.

At the end of your order you automatically receive an order notification with all the necessary data.

We only ship after receiving the payment. In this regard, we again point to the terms and conditions.

Furthermore, you as a customer have the opportunity to create a customer account in our shop. This will allow you to put items that may be sold out at times on your watch list. You will be automatically informed by email when these products are available again.

At any time you can access your account in the upper left corner via the button "my account".

For further questions you can contact me via the contact form, which is located at the top right next to the language selection (flags).



The preparations are pinned in transparent plastic shipping boxes and shipped safely through a "box-in-carton system". The preparations can be stored in these shipping containers. For a more professional and durable storage, however, we recommend our collection boxes.

Framed specimens are delivered framed by us in the frame ordered.

We ship exclusively with Deutsche Post / DHL.

We do not offer express shipping.


Publications (Jens Jakusch):

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- Eine neue Unterart von Atrophaneura luchti ROEPKE 1935 vom Mt. Argopuro/ Java/ Indonesien, in: galathea 19/2, 2003, S. 71-75.

- Eine neue Unterart von Cethosia tambora DOHERTY 1891 von Solor Island / Indonesien, in: galathea 22/1, 2006, S. 11-16.

- Eine neue Unterart von Papilio ulysses LINNAEUS 1758 aus New Ireland, in: galathea 23/3, 2007, S. 121-125.

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Quality code
A1 = As perfect as all reasonable expectations dictate. Many today are ex-pupae bred.
A1- = Very small flaws, nearly perfect.
A- =More noticeable flaws, maybe broken antennae, reparations, but generally good presentation specimens.
B = Second quality.
For CITES butterflies (all birdwings e.g. Troides, Trogonoptera, Ornithoptera, futher Buthanitis and Teinopalpus), especial for export in non-EU countries and the USA, please contact us BEFORE you will place an order. We will inform you about the fees and "how to do" in detail, if you would like to place an order.
So please send us an email and we will contact you for all details.

Please be aware of your own restirctions for CITES protected butterflies in you own contry and how to do the import process.