preparation SET for beginners, dark wood

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preparation set for beginners ! 

The complete set contains:

- 1 x dissecting needle, bent

- 1 x cover slips tweezers, bent

- 1 x 100 insectneedles fabrication "Sphinx", black, universal size 3

- 10gram glass-head needles

- 1 x spreading strip role, 40m, 15mm wide

- 1 x spreading board fixed, 5mm groove, 100mm speading surface. Glued spruce with foam inlay, Lenght of board: 360mm, Samba-wood, ideal with excellent sticking nature.

- 1 x collection-box 30 x 40cm, in dark wood, alder dried, coated medium density fibreboeard, glued in the rabbet, white plastazote foam sheet, thickness 10mm, resistant to all common chemicals, with excellent pinning property for all pins. Classical collection-box, ideal for storage prepared insects. Top can be completly removed. It can be opened with a knife.

- 25 x mixed daybutterflies from Malaysia, easy to prepare, excellent for first preparation-work !

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