About us

About us



Welcome to the AUREUS butterflies & insects Shop!

My name is Jens Jakusch and I´m the owner of this internet-shop.
My shop is made for all butterfly-, beetle-, and insect-collectors, which are professional collectors or are only interested in butterflies, beetles and insects.
In general, I offer butterflies and beetles (also some other insects), prepared or unprepared, in frames or classical without frames, prepared on needles.
Under the section “search”, you can search for a special specie of butterfly or beetle. Please enter the name of the specie, you are looking for and start the searching.
Under the section “butterflies”, you will find the main store of all butterflies, which I can offer. After you have entered this section, you can choose, which group or family of butterflies you would like to see.
Under the section “insects”, you can see all the other insects, I can offer. Here you will find beetles, dragonflies etc.
If you are interested in buying butterflies in frames, you have to take a look at the section “butterflies in frames”. There you will find the possibility to choose between acrylic frames, wood frames and design-frames (black and white frames).


Publications (Jens Jakusch):

- Eine neue Unterart von Delias pasithoe LINNAEUS 1758 aus Guizhou / China, in: galathea 19/1, 2003, S. 43-47.

- Eine neue Unterart von Atrophaneura luchti ROEPKE 1935 vom Mt. Argopuro/ Java/ Indonesien, in: galathea 19/2, 2003, S. 71-75.

- Eine neue Unterart von Cethosia tambora DOHERTY 1891 von Solor Island / Indonesien, in: galathea 22/1, 2006, S. 11-16.

- Eine neue Unterart von Papilio ulysses LINNAEUS 1758 aus New Ireland, in: galathea 23/3, 2007, S. 121-125.

- A futher new subspecie of Delias messalina ARORA (Lepitoptera: Pieridae) from New Ireland, Papua Neu Guinea, in: Australian Entomologist, Vol. 35, No.2, (2008), p.73-77.

- New subspecie of Delias diaphana SEMPER 1878 from Panay Island, Philippines (Lepidoptera: Pieridae), in: Entomologische Zeitschrift, 126 (1), 2016, S. 25-28.

- Eine neue Unterart von Ornithoptera rothschildi KENRICK 1911, von Sibjo, Irian jaya, Indonesien (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae), in: Entomologische Zeitschrift, 126 (4), 2016, S. 221-223.

Quality code
A1 = As perfect as all reasonable expectations dictate. Many today are ex-pupae bred.
A1- = Very small flaws, nearly perfect.
A- =More noticeable flaws, maybe broken antennae, reparations, but generally good presentation specimens.
B = Second quality.
For CITES butterflies (all birdwings e.g. Troides, Trogonoptera, Ornithoptera, futher Buthanitis and Teinopalpus), especial for export in non-EU countries and the USA, please contact us BEFORE you will place an order. We will inform you about the fees and "how to do" in detail, if you would like to place an order.
So please send us an email and we will contact you for all details.

Please be aware of your own restirctions for CITES protected butterflies in you own contry and how to do the import process.